CodeExplorer frequently asked questions

Q. What does this plugin do?
A. The plugin analyses Java code (finds all method call chains to the method, or from it within class, and other) and shows results on diagram:
the nodes represent methods, the edges are calls or usages between methods.
Q. How can the plugin help me with development?
A. Understanding method call chains within a class (package, module or project) helps to refactor your Java code, remove duplicated and dead code, reuse existing code.
If you know all call chains to some method then you will be able to test all its usages from UI, refactor it safely and find out under which conditions method is called (thread, parameters).
Q. How to work with the plugin?
A. Execute plugin commands from Analyze menu, and plugin will show analysis results on diagram.
You can add more nodes to the opened diagram by double-clicking on diagram nodes or executing commands from the context menu for a diagram node.
Q. How to add more nodes to the opened diagram?
A. Double-click on diagram node to show method call from it or its usages, or select a node and execute a command from Analyze or diagram node context menu
Q. What analysis does the plugin provide?
Q. How to perform the method analysis?
A. Select a Java method in the editor and call from Analyze menu:
Q. How to perform the unit analysis?
A. Select class, package or module in the Project view or Java class in the editor,
and call "Methods and calls in..." from Analyze menu.
Q. What about multiple tabs support?
If execute Analyze menu command for method selected in the editor or class, package, module from the Project view then diagram with analysis results is opened in a new tab.
Commands executed for diagram nodes add more nodes to the current diagram.
You can close current tab using the Close tab toolbar button.
Q. What nodes are added when double-click on a diagram node?
It depends on the Show on doubleclick combobox (diagram toolbar) value: The plugin starts with the "calls" combobox value so to add method usages by double-click you should choose "usages" in the combobox before clicking on nodes.
You can switch between "calls" and "usages" when you need.
Q. What does the method node icon indicate?
A. The question icon in method node indicates that double-click on the node will add more nodes to the diagram.
The method icon in method node indicates that double-click won't add new nodes or
all calls from the method or its usages (depending on the Show on doubleclick combobox value) are added already to the diagram.
Q. Can I filter some method calls during method analysis?
A. You can setup filters in the CodeExplorer settings.
CodeExplorer doesn't analyse method and doesn't show it on the diagram if there is a filter for this method.
There are several filter types: library (method is outside project sources), method name (by prefix) and scope (method belongs to specified class, package or module).
Q. Why doesn't the plugin use the sequence diagram to show analysis results?
A. A sequence diagram is a possible graph layout but this layout is good for diagrams that contain a few methods and single method call chain.
But the analysis results can contain many start methods and call chains, even the method calls graph can be non-planar.
So the plugin uses tree graph layout with layering by call depth.
Q. Are there Flash movies that show how to use the plugin?
A. Yes, there is a demo
Q. How to jump to source of a method shown on diagram?
A. Select a method node and press F4, or execute Jump to source command from the method node context menu.
Q. Can I store analysis results to file and load from it later?
A. Yes. Use diagram Open, Save toolbar buttons.
Q. Any advice?
Q. Where to download the plugin?
A. You can download plugin here
Q. Can I use the plugin with Idea 6 or 7?
A. No. The plugin requires Idea 8.
Q. How to install the plugin?