Code Explorer 1.3.2 for Idea 9

Apr 21, 2010
CodeExplorer for Idea 9 is available for install and update from Idea plugins manager (plugins section in Idea settings).

Unit testing article is updated

Apr 19, 2010

Ant debugger 1.1.5

Dec 30, 2009
Ant debugger plugin enables Apache Ant build script debugging in IntelliJ Idea Read more...

What's new:

  1. Show pathes in Ant variables (also avaliable in the Evaluate dialog by Alt-F8). The variable name is path element ID.
  2. Don't stop on property, taskdef tasks when stepping only the task is outside the current target
  3. Breakpoints fix for tasks with multiline tags

Ant debugger 1.1.2

Dec 25, 2009

What's new:

  1. Step in / over / out support
  2. Variable value tooltip, expression evaluation (Alt-F8)
  3. Run configuration: show targets from imported files
  4. Run to cursor fixes
  5. Run configuration fix: reload targets list on build file change

Ant debugger 1.0.8

Dec 16, 2009

What's new:

  1. Run configuration: build target selection
  2. Can debug target right clicking on it
  3. Run configuration: VM parameters
  4. Set breakpoint fix for Windows
  5. Run configuration fix: create configuration in project without JDK

Ant debugger 1.0.6

Dec 12, 2009

What's new:

  1. Fix: projects with JDK 1.5
  2. Fix: step into macro-def
  3. Multiple files support fixes

Ant debugger 1.0.5

Nov 20, 2009

What's new:

  1. Configuration: custom Ant tasks folder
  2. UI enhancements
  3. Ant launch fixes for Windows
  4. Fix: don't block Ant build if Idea hasn't connected to it (timeout in build listener)

Ant debugger 1.0 released

Nov 16, 2009
Ant debugger plugin enables Apache Ant build script debugging in IntelliJ Idea Read more...

Added article about Unit testing

Jul 26, 2009
Unit testing - why, how and when
When we should write unit tests, benefits from unit testing and what requirements are for these tests

CodeExplorer 1.3

Mar 18, 2009
CodeExplorer is a free Idea plugin that helps to analyze Java code: find all method call chains to the method, what methods called from the method, and other. Analysis results (methods and calls between them) are shown on a handy diagram in the CodeExplorer tool window.

See usage instructions, FAQ and demo for more information about plugin features.

What's new:

  1. Improvements in code chains search
  2. If jump to source on node selection is enabled (CodeExplorer toolbar) then highlight in selected method source: calls shown on graph from the method
  3. Code chains search: progress dialog fixes
  4. Graph scrolling and layout fixes

CodeExplorer 1.2

Dec 12, 2008

What's new:

  1. Plugin is multitabbed now: Analyze command results are opened in a new tab
  2. Diagram node for interface method: methods that implement it are shown on diagram instead method calls from it
  3. Added method filters that used when perform analysis: the plugin doesn't analyze these methods and doesn't show them on diagram (configure filters in CodeExplorer settings)
  4. Long operations are called with progress dialog. So UI doesn't freeze and you can cancel long operation
  5. Can perform analysis for selected diagram nodes using context or Analyze menu to add more nodes to the opened diagram
  6. Changed method structure command: added all calls from the method within class
  7. Fixes: unit analysis
  8. UI enhancements: click mode combo, inner class method name
  9. Node tooltip: more info, toolbar button "Show method body in tooltip" (with method icon)
  10. Added Jump to source action (F4) to the context menu

CodeExplorer 1.1

Nov 17, 2008

What's new:

  1. new menu item: method call chains to specified method from class, package or module
  2. Method calls in class menu item replaced by method and calls in... (shows methods from class, package, module or project)
  3. added method tooltip: method sigrature and colored source
  4. can delete selected nodes from diagram
  5. changed display option: show class names as camel words instead hiding
  6. save / load diagram from file
  7. synchronize diagram with current sources

CodeExplorer 1.0 released

Nov 4, 2008

CodeExplorer is a free IntelliJ Idea plugin that helps to explore method calls chains. Its tool window shows methods and calls between them. Now you can see usages and structure of several methods at once! Read more...

HandyTapestry 1.3.1

Feb 8, 2008
If you develop a Tapestry web application using IntelliJ Idea then try HandyTapestry plugin!

The HandyTapestry plugin for IntelliJ Idea helps you to develop Tapestry web applications faster. The plugin adds helpful completions and navigations in the HTML template. The Create Tapestry component dialog helps to create components. The plugin supports Tapestry 4.0 Read more...

What's new:

  1. Many Web modules support
  2. Update page structure panel selection on caret move in the editor
  3. OGNL properties completion fix

HandyTapestry 1.3

Nov 7, 2007
What's new:
  1. Completion / navigation in "component:" attribute values
  2. Smart completion of page attribute values. Type page name prefix and press Ctrl-Shift-Space!
  3. Smart completion of the class name in OGNL constants.
    Type @Cust in OGNL expression and press Ctrl-Shift-Space to see all classes which name starts with "Cust"!
  4. Page structure tool window
  5. Support components without component specification
  6. Fixes in the component libraries handling
  7. Idea 7 compatibility fixes
  8. Create component: specification is optional

HandyTapestry 1.2.1 released

Sep 4, 2007
Flash demos are available!

What's new:

  1. Fixes for pages with specification files
  2. Configuration fixes
  3. Create Tapestry component demo
  4. Create & configure Tapestry project demo

HandyTapestry 1.2 released

Aug 15, 2007
The HandyTapestry 1.2 adds many features to increase your productivity and find errors in component templates. Read more...

What's new:

  1. Generate abstract getter and setter in a component class:
    • Press Alt-Insert in a component class and select the "Tapestry component property" action.
    • Enter property name, class and press the Ok button.
  2. Error highlighting in component template: message keys, invalid jwcid attribute values (component types), listeners, Tapestry components with unspecified required parameters.
  3. Increase your productivity with Tapestry intentions: create listener, message key, Tapestry component property:
    Add component attribute like action="listener:save" and press Alt-Enter after IDE marks the "listener:save" string as error. The Idea will suggest to create listener!
  4. Rename Tapestry component action: Right click on a component template and select the "Rename Tapestry component" action from menu.
  5. Component attribute completion: required attributes marked with red dots.
  6. OGNL completion and highlighting fixes.

HandyTapestry 1.1 released

Jun 6, 2007
What's new:
  1. Component type smart completion (enter name prefix and press Ctrl-Shift-Space)
  2. Error highlighting for component types, listeners, message keys and page names
  3. Switch between component class and template (Ctrl-Alt-W)
  4. Fixed NPE: ClassUtils.getComponentProperty()
  5. Fixed usage of deprecated method: ProjectImpl.getProjectFile()
  6. Fixed assertion fail: CommonLVCS.getProvidedContent()

HandyTapestry 1.0 released

Apr 2, 2007
What's new:
  1. page specification support
  2. navigate / complete properties from component specification
  3. navigate / complete jwcid attribute value (component reference)
  4. delete component UI enhancements
  5. settings enhancements
  6. fix: autocomplete close tag
  7. fix: completion in the src attribute of the img tag
  8. highlighting fixes


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